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Jambik has none of these telltale signals. Right after faculty, Ian accompanies the relatives to your neighborhood market wherever he will get a startling reception.

In Japan father of Jambik was advised to Enable his son be taught sumo. It’s the kind of sport wherever such pounds is authorized. Along with the boy could become a great sportsman. Jambik favored sumo education Considerably.

When the public asked Jambik he really wants to be slim, that point he answered "I do not know" and He then additional: "No, I like it similar to this."

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Nelya, Jambik’s mom Nelya’s difficulties started very long just before Jambik was born. She grew up in an impoverished village from the dying several years from the Soviet Empire. She’s 2 times divorced and thinks black magic was utilised to persuade her husbands to go away.

Nelya says that Dzhambik and Mukha, who are precisely the same height but 9st 4lb and eight yrs apart, have various fathers. Mukha's father, also father to her eighteen-calendar year-old son Rezuan, who is at present serving being a conscript on Russia's border with China, is just not about any more.

Dzhambik has run from recreation tokens and arrives above to me. Soon after irritably throwing some toys on to the table where we are sitting, he says: "Nick, play cars with me!"

Dzhambik is named Jambik and his ambition of profitable gold for Russia within the Olympics. But British doctor says when he was achieved; his health and fitness is in grave Risk.

But Dzhambik seems actually happy once we Participate in draughts on the chessboard I've brought him. "I'll conquer you," he laughs, thumping his palm within the carpet before allowing out a massive belch.

In 2008, the British medical professional Ian Campbell on the list of planet's primary experts in weight problems, visited Dzhambik and followed a number of tests within the Moscow clinic exactly where Dzhambik was taken for control. The assessments confirmed that Dzhambik's bones are the size of an average fifteen calendar year old boy; he was also examined from anabolic steroids, but the effects came back again detrimental. His mom Nelya Kabardarkova who lives comfortably becouse of Dzhambik's fame denied all accusations and is encouraging Dzhambik's desire to be a sumo wrestler.

He has no diseases." He claimed Dzhambik's grandfather was also a "Bogatyr", a Russian phrase for any sort of Mild huge. Both equally the healthcare analyses conclusion with the recommendation get more info that he really should wrestle and do sumo for workout.

Dr. Ian Campbell Above the following week, Dr. Ian Campbell will notice Jambik to discover if you will discover any clues in his every single day daily life that might explain his phenomenal fat, then he ideas to fly Jambik to a leading clinic in Moscow for professional checks.

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